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Luxe Magazine:

Los Angeles

One to Watch

March 2022

"Dubbed 'haute couture furniture,' the furnishings of Los Angeles based designer Kelly Martin pay homage to the sartorial set. The latest iterations of ATELIERxKM, her bespoke line (available through Una Malan), riff on fashion-forward tailoring, pairing natural woods with blackened steel accents. Here, the designer shares her stylistic inspirations."

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Modern Luxury:

Interiors California

Best Coast: True to Form

February 2022

“After founding her interior design company in 2014, Martin’s parlay into furniture design arose from a personal need. Inspiration for ATELIERxKM, the bespoke home collection she debuted in summer 2020, came from fashion designers like Sonia Rykiel and Coco Chanel. “I really loved that high-end has an element of darkness to it, almost a mysterious tone, and I wanted to embody that in my designs...Launching a brand-new company at the beginning of a pandemic sounds absolutely insane, but I’m so glad I did it.”

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My Domaine

15 Colors That Pair Beautifully With Burgundy

December 2021

"As the saying goes, the devil lies in the details. Don't believe us? Just take a look at this taupe-tinged space by Kelly Martin, which features small doses of burgundy. "I used burgundy in a way to tie in the red from the artwork without going full on lipstick red. I liked how it created a tonal theme with various shades of red." The result? A room that's sophisticated and serene."

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Martha Stewart

11 Small Kitchen Design and Decorating Ideas That Are Big on Style

October 2021

"When laying out the cabinetry in a small kitchen, I like to keep it simple and clean, since a smaller space can feel cluttered so easily," she shares. "I try to envision the walking path of how the client would use it while cooking and provide necessary storage around major work areas, like the stove and the sink."

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at-style-2021-06-Awkward Corner-Suite_Chair_Ottoman_-_MSDS_floor_lamp.jp2

Apartment Therapy

25 Genius Ways to Fill Up an Awkward, Empty Corner

June 2021

“My grandmother was a collector of interesting chairs and it taught me that chairs can be used as a functional sculpture in most spaces,” designer Kelly Martin says. “You can stick one in the corner and stack books, magazines, or a plant, and they instantly become a funky little addition to your room. The weirder the chair, the better!”

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Rue Magazine
A Bold, Masculine Kitchen

April 2021

“Before even pulling inspiration images, designer Kelly Martin starts her creative process by identifying a few descriptive words with her clients so she can really understand the direction. “My initial description for this project was clean, bold and masculine,” she says.”...

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How to Set Up the Perfect Work-From-Outdoors Space 

April 2021

“Whether it's the rustling of the leaves in the wind or the calm after a rainstorm, I find that being outside offers a feeling of zen that's helpful when getting into a creative zone,"

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7 Interior Designers Reveal Their Least Favorite 2021 Design Trends

April 2021

“...Similarly, interior designer Kelly Martin isn't feeling the return of the '80s in home design. (Think: Giant block graphics and neon colors.) "It's definitely a trend that I see popping up, and some designers are doing it tastefully, but the over-the-top version of this feels a little bit like overkill to me," she says.

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The Wall Street Journal

Designers on Their First Apartments—and Their Cheap Décor Tricks

 March 2021

“Know that you can paint over ugly canvases from thrift it's my favorite large-scale piece of art in my house."

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at-house tours-2019-09-Dana M-1106.jp2

Apartment Therapy

5 Ways to Renovate Your Home Without Losing Its History

March 2021

“Think Euro-chic — European interior designers are doing this so well,” she says. “Mixing the old classic moldings with minimalistic industrial cabinetry, ultra modern lighting, or super clean lines in the furniture creates a juxtaposition that is both sophisticated  and surprising. Plus, it really brings out the beauty in the architecture itself. “

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Real Homes

15 backyard ideas for a space you'll love all summer

March 2021

“On my little brick patio, I built a raised garden box with planks of wood, and my friends from The Plant Snob helped me fill it with low-maintenance drought tolerant plants and herbs," she says...

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Kelly Martin Interiors, Floyd Terrace Project

Home Snapshots

Floyd Terrace House

March 2021

Kelly Martin Interiors worked with their clients to deliver a modern update while balancing original midcentury charm for this dwelling in Hollywood, California.”...

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Wall Street Journal

...Cheap Decor Tricks 

March 2021

“Know that you can paint over ugly canvases from thrift stores... now it’s my favorite large-scale piece of art in my house.”

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Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 2.49.24 PM.png

Christie's Real Estate Luxury Defined

December 2020

Before Kelly Martin opened her own interior designer firm, she worked in the wood shop of a commercial design-build company, later moving into custom furniture design for a retailer in L.A. Martin has now launched her own furniture line, ATELIERxKM.

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Architectural Digest PRO

From The Source 

July 2020

The Gigli coffee table from Kelly Martin's brand new furniture collection, ATELIERxKM, was featured in Architectural Digest PRO's "From the Source."

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Fireclay Tile [Blog]

Top 10 Residential Projects of 2019

December 22, 2019


Outlined in bright white grout, this kitchen's Hexite backsplash in Adriatic Sea offers up a cool contrast to playful pops of orange.

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Fireclay Tile [Gallery]

December 2019


This KMI designed kitchen was featured on Fireclay Tile's website gallery featuring their Hexite tile backsplash in Adriatic Sea. 

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Cb2 [Catalog]

June 2019

This KMI dining room was featured in the June 2019 Cb2 Catalog! 

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Houzz [Kitchen Design]

10 Reasons to Give 4x4 Tile A Fresh Look

February 16, 2019

In this Los Angeles kitchen, interior designer Kelly Martin used a squared-off aesthetic on many of the elements to create a modern cottage look. The 4-by-4-inch tile fits in well with the bar drawer pulls and the edges of the countertop and open shelves.

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Houzz [Kitchen Design]

6 Hardware Styles to Pair with Deep-Blue Shaker Cabinets

February 7, 2019

The delightful blue-and-white pattern of the encaustic tile floors inspired the color palette for this Los Angeles kitchen. Interior designer Kelly Martin gave it a modern cottage look that works well with its original Craftsman style yet feels fresh and updated.  ...

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The Spruce [27 Dining Room Lighting Ideas for Every Style]

The Best Dining Room Light Fixtures

April 18, 2018

When it comes to enjoying meals at home with family or friends, the dining room is a special place for making memories. So, of course, you want to rev up your space with beautiful lighting. But do you choose the perfect light fixture? ...

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Ann Sacks Tile 

Savoy Collection Brochure

Kelly Martin Interiors was featured in the new Ann Sacks tile brochure featuring tile installations from their Savoy Collection. Check out the Hive Mosaic in Lantern Blue from our Highland Park remodel on Page 39. 

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Houzz [Working with Pros]

10 Times to Hire an Interior Designer

November 6, 2018​

Designers have access to a wide range of fabrics & finishes that can come together to create a stylish & kid-friendly home. When a young couple with a toddler, a newborn & a dog bought the newly renovated home shown here, they reached out to Kelly Martin Interiors  ...

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Houzz [Kitchen Makeovers]

Before and After: 6 Kitchen Makeovers Under 200 Square Feet

September 18, 2018​

Savvy layout changes and beautiful design choices result in kitchens that work better for their households  ...

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Houzz [Kitchen Makeovers]

Kitchen Gets a Crisp Makeover in Blue and White

April 16, 2018​

Mosaic floor tiles, floating shelves and 2-tone cabinets bring a fresh look to a cottage kitchen in Los Angeles  ...

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Uprise Art Journal [At Home]

Teal & Teak in Los Angeles

January 10, 2018​

Balancing differing aesthetics, our friend and interior designer Kelly Martin brings together mid-century statement pieces with natural wood finishes (plus a pop of teal) in this Los Angeles redesign. After a trip to the Uprise Art Loft, the designer discovered works by Katrine Hildebrandt-Hussey and Laura Berman to complete the design. ...

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Houzz [Decorating Stories & Guides]

7 Top Living Room Design Ideas From This Week’s Stories

November 11, 2017

7 Top Living Room Design Ideas From This Week’s Stories ... Open layouts have a lot of benefits, but visually and physically you still want some sort of transition and separation between functions. Who wants to feel as though they’re dining in their living room? One simple trick is ...

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Houzz [Living Rooms: Living Room of the Day]
A New Living Room Blends Midcentury & Traditional Design

November 6, 2017

See how a designer mixes timeless charm and mid-century finds in a layout ideal for family and friends. 

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Designing Your Home with Original Art

Hosted by Uprise Art & Spring Street Social Society

June 11, 2017

Join us at PlatformLA for a lively discussion on art and design, and how to create an artful home. Panelists include Kelly Martin, an interior designer from Homepolish, Tze Chun, founder of Uprise Art, and artist duo Jessica Haye & Clark Hsiao.

Business Insider:
Interior Design Tips That Everyone Living Inside An Apartment Should Know
January 21, 2016
Kelly was interviewed & featured in a Tech Insider article, giving advice on how to live large in a small space. 
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Curbed National 2014 Young Guns 
November 21, 2014
Kelly was nominated as a 2014 Young Gun interior designer by The article can be found here on Curbed National
"I like to be in the space, to feel the space. It's how I draw inspiration & get a feel of what the client wants. ... But creatively, I work better if I can paint the picture myself. ... "
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