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My Cup of Tea!

I recently started working with a fun young couple that just moved to Los Angeles from Chicago. They are originally from the East Coast and appreciate a little bit of the East Coast rustic elements - but want a vintage modern twist on it. Exactly my cup of tea! My client and I were coincidentally both following this cool vintage store on Instagram: Sunbeam Vintage. Neither of us had ever been there, but we loved what they were posting - so we decided to check it out. I soon realized that Sunbeam is one of those unique places in LA that still charges reasonable prices for good quality vintage furniture & accessories.

My client's husband really wanted a bar cabinet for in their living room so I turned to Sunbeam to find the perfect one:

The gold hardware is absolutely stunning in person and it fits perfectly in their space (the room is still in progress - so I'll post the "after" pics when its completed)

My client is a screen writer so she needed the perfect writing desk to work at and let the creative juices flow. We found this gem at Sunbeam as well. We call it "Ol' Blue"

Thank you Sunbeam for always having the coolest finds!


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