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The 411 on Rugs

I had the pleasure of writing another article for Homepolish's magazine! Check it out below. Enjoy!


With the help of Homepolish's Kelly Martin, learn all about the different types of rugs that you can put in your home.

I often like to start with something big when I am diving into a new project, because I want a piece to inspire both the project and the client. Choosing the rug early on in the design process is always a good starting point. The rug can be the piece that you pull colors and patterns from for accents and accessories. Or it can be very subdued and naturalistic, which would give the room a calmer vibe. The rug acts as the anchor of the room, so make sure you don’t overlook it when you are designing your space. Below, you can check out the types of rugs that you’ll come across in the market.


Go big or go home! (Or go big in your home!) When I am shopping for graphic rugs, I like to think of them as pop art. They can give a splash of fun and life to an otherwise very simple room. They’re great for kids rooms or modern spaces. I like to mix rugs such as the Suzanne Periwinkle Flat Weave with really clean lines, like an ultra modern gray or black sofa. This one is a flat-weave so it pairs well with a sisal underneath to ground it a little more and add some texture to the room.


The jute rug plays well with others. It is an excellent choice as a base when layering rugs in a room. Try throwing a hide on top or a vintage distressed oriental rug. If you’re going for the naturalistic route, the jute rug is the perfect canvas to build on. The Canterbury Jute Rug in particular has fabric woven into to that adds some subtle color throughout for the jute buyer that doesn’t want to appear too basic.


Flat-weave rugs are a great way to add some pattern to the room. They can make a modern space look more eclectic. The Yao Wool Rug is a beautiful neutral take on the flat-weave. It would look lovely in a bright and airy bedroom. However, you can also go down the more sophisticated route when sourcing flat-weaves. The Blue Prism Wool Rug is a great choice for a luxe office or living room. I can imagine this rug sitting under two sleek gray velvet occasional chairs with brass accents throughout the room (or with a luxurious daybed as seen above). If you’re feeling really adventurous, install grasscloth wallpaper for some added texture and drama.


The hand-tufted rug is the perfect piece for the person who wants a soft and cozy texture under their feet. This is typically what people think of when they think “rug.” They can come in contemporary patterns or more traditional designs. The Blue Lada Rug is a contemporary take on a southwestern pattern. It is compiled of a blend of wool and viscose which adds a lustrous sheen to the pattern. This rug can add a masculine touch to a more transitional room. Use it in the living room with a simple sofa and an industrial coffee table, and you’re ready to have the gang over for a stylish game night!

When you’re choosing the perfect rug for your room, aesthetic is important, but make sure you do your homework on the actual functionality of the rug as well. Some rugs are easier to clean, more durable, and better for heavy-traffic areas. Others are perfect for the clean freak who never spills a drop. Have fun letting the rug guide you in your design direction, but shop smart!


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